Medical Dermatology

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Medical Dermatology

This is the medical treatment of skin, hair and nail conditions and diseases, including skin cancers.  Since the skin is the body’s largest organ, it is subject to the greatest range of medically significant disorders and treatment modalities.   Advanced Dermatology Associates, LTD’s medical providers employ state-of-the-art technology and laboratory facilities to diagnose and treat skin conditions.  Treatments include the use of several types of lasers, UV light therapy, superficial radiotherapy, and topically administered and internally taken medications.

Cryotherapy (freezing) or electrosurgery for the treatment of warts, skin tags, and age spots are commonly used in dermatology.

Surgical procedures are also commonly used in dermatology for the removal of skin lesions and cancers, with the most efficacious form of surgery for the removal of certain skin cancers being Mohs Micrographic Surgery (Mohs).

The physicians and staff at Advanced Dermatology Associates, LTD are committed to providing state-of-the-art therapies in a timely and caring fashion. As dermatologists, our physicians are trained to deal with any disorder affecting the skin, hair, and nails. Our physicians and staff are available to provide therapy for all your dermatologic needs, including treatment of psoriasis, eczema, acne, warts, abnormal growths, skin cancers, and skin changes associated with aging. State-of-the-art techniques and technologies are available in our office, including microscopically controlled surgery for skin cancer, chemical peels, and laser therapy for tattoos, birthmarks, prominent blood vessels, facial wrinkling, and other signs of aging.

Some of the common conditions treated by our dermatologists include:


The American Academy of Dermatology

The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology