Hand Care

Eczema is the most common ailment seen in our office.

I need to wash my hands frequently; how can I prevent further damage?
Hand dermatitis (eczema) is one of the most common ailments seen in the dermatologist's office. The reason for this is the abuse our hands take during normal living. Here are some suggestions that may be helpful in protecting your hands:

  • A moisturizing hand cream or ointment should be applied after every contact with water
  • Rubber gloves with a pair of cotton liners should be worn when washing dishes
  • Gloves should be worn when changes in the weather dictate
  • It is advisable to wear sunscreen to protect the top of your hands
  • Your dermatologist may also prescribe medicated ointments

Why do my hands get worse in the winter?
During the winter, the relative humidity of the air decreases dramatically. In a heated building, the relative humidity is very low. Water evaporates rapidly from your skin in the winter. Combined with hand washing and other irritants, your hands are much more susceptible to developing dermatitis.


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