The physicians of Advanced Dermatology Associates, LTD have been teaching dermatology residents since 1991.  Our physicians are volunteer faculty contributing to the education of young physicians in the Lehigh Valley Hospital dermatology residency program.  Over the past 25 years the program has graduated 46 highly trained dermatologists who are practicing across the United States and other countries.

Dermatology residency is three years of training after completion of one year of internship.  Dermatology training includes extensive reading in all aspects of skin disease as well as direct patient contact under the supervision of a board certified dermatologist.  Residents attend academic conferences weekly and attend hospital clinic bi-weekly.

Grand Rounds patient viewing is held at Advanced Dermatology Associates, LTD's Allentown office once monthly.  Interesting or difficult patient cases are reviewed by staff and residents.  Cases are discussed as a group and recommendations for diagnostic testing or therapeutic options are considered.  This group evaluation can be a great value to our patients as they receive multiple “second opinions” to aid in their medical care.